This week was all about mashups and remixes. Nothing was too challenging, except doing the remix assignment. Also, in class we watched a documentary about copyright issues and it made some very good points. This week I also worked on 2 daily creates, 8 stars worth of assignments, 2 remix assignments, and posting comments. I did not relate one of my assignments to my host character, as requested,  simply because the way I designed her really would not apply to very much, let alone any of these assignments. Plus, you can only see her head and shoulders which extremely limits what I can do with her.

Here are my 2 daily creates

Daily Create 1

Boundaries! they are all around us and that is what this assignment was all about.

Daily Create 2

Be Brave2

For this assignment we were supposed to pick a theme song and make a poster for it. This song is called Brave by Sara Bareilles. I think it is a great song, and it has a really good beat to it! If you haven’t hear it check it out here

These are from the Assignment Bank

This Doesn’t Belong Here 4 stars

scene mashup2

This assignment was to mash up 2 iconic movie scenes. See if you can spot it!

The Contest Nobody Could Win (Video-Mashup Edition) 4 stars

This one was kind of cool, but in my opinion a person needs more than 2 seconds of footage to guess these. Give it a go!

This one is the remix where you pick an assignment and hit the remix button here is what I got.Remix It2

Remix It!

For me this one was tricky. The original assignment was to add a laugh track to a serious scene. But the remix version stated to turn it into a commercial, so that was difficult. Who knew adding laugh tracks would be so difficult.

This is my second remix assignment.

Remix It3

Miley In Convent and Justin Beiber Sidekick2

Originally this assignment was pop star out of place, but I added a “sidekick” to it.

Last for this week are my 8 comments.









Well that’s it for week 12. On to week 13!